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Thread: hatch question

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    hatch question

    Hatch spacing too dense, or dash size too small

    Is there a way to fix this when it happens?

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    Um, ...use a larger hatch scale?
    If persistent maybe your MaxHatch setting is low. Type on command line (getenv "MaxHatch")
    Mine's set to "10000". From AutoCAD help:

    To set the limit of objects in a hatch pattern

    At the Command prompt, enter (setenv "MaxHatch" "n")
    where n is a number between 100 and 10000000 (ten million). The higher the value, the more dense the hatch pattern.

    Note MaxHatch is case sensitive.

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    Not the best solution here...
    but you could brek up the area into smaller areas and then hatch it...
    for example... take a big rectangle and make 2 small rectanlges or more unitl it hatches.....

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